Capability Maturity Model Integration® (CMMI®)

CMMI is a globally-recognized set of best practices that enable organizations to improve performance, key capabilities, and critical business processes. The core of CMMI Development V2.0 is a proven set of global best practices organized by critical business capabilities which improve business performance.

CMMI V2.0 delivers the best solution to benchmark and elevate organizational performance with demonstrated results. It helps organizations to quickly identify the key capabilities that directly impact business results, return on investment (ROI), quality, and performance while reducing cost and time to market.

CMMI Maturity Levels

CMMI v2.0 , staged, uses 5 levels to describe the maturity of the organization, same as predecessor CMM

  • Vastly improved version of the CMM
  • Emphasis on business needs, integration and institutionalization


Following are some of the major changes and improvements in CMMI V2.0 over CMMI v1.3:

  • The term practice area will be used in place of process area. The idea probably is that CMMI is a collection of practices and not processes.
  • Estimation will be added as an exclusive and separate practice area. The idea probably is that estimation is the bedrock of successful project management and execution.
  • Generic goals and generic practices that are key to institutionalization will no longer be there in the current form and will get replaced by some new practice areas. The idea probably is that it is better to drive institutionalization  through a dedicated set of practices that are logically consolidated under few practice areas.
  • The three constellations of CMMI – Development (DEV), Services (SVC) and Acquisition (ACQ) will be integrated into a single model. There will be a set of core practice areas and special/specific practice areas for the three threads. The idea probably is not only to make CMMI adoption modular but also give a new leash of life to SVC (which is currently being used in a very less number of cases) and ACQ (which is currently being used in an even lesser number of cases),
  • PCMM, cousin of CMMI, will get a new leash of life since it will also be integrated into CMMI V2.0 as part of workforce/people practices thread. The idea probably is to create some market for PCMM. The current usage of PCMM is abysmally low. Of course, there are reasons beyond the model itself.


Maclead has successfully helped a lot of companies implement CMMI v2.0 and v3.0 in their organisations including RR Donnelley, a fortune 500 company and other indian companies like Enhira Software Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai and Omini infoworld, Noida.


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