ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management Systems


Organizations which are looking to improve their overall performance and provide a sound basis for sustainable development initiatives should adopt Quality Management System. The ISO 9001:2015 standard employs the process approach, which incorporates the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle and risk-based thinking. The PDCA cycle enables an organization to ensure that its processes are adequately resourced and managed, and that opportunities for improvement are determined and acted on. Risk-based thinking enables an organization to determine the factors that could cause its processes and its quality management system to deviate from the planned results, to put in place preventive controls to minimize negative effects and to make maximum use of opportunities as they arise.


Why MacLead for QMS?

  • MacLead has been involved in consulting for Quality Management System for over two decades with a clienteles of 600+.
  • We have expert faculties and facilitators with experience of minimum a decade.
  • The template of Standard Operating Procedures defined by MacLead are in line with the best in class practices.
  • MacLead helps you define and control risk in 4 levels – organizational level, departmental level, process level and product level
  • MacLead has been actively involved in developing ISO 9001 documentation for Government of India. It has been a part of consulting for 52 ministries of Government of India for ISO 9001 Certification


Steps Involved in Implementation

The certification of your quality management system takes place in the following steps. Our experts will be at your disposal during the whole process as competent contacts.

  • Preliminary audit (optional)
  • GAP Analysis (optional)
  • Certification audit: Examination of your documentation and a demonstration of the practical application
  • Issue of certification
  • Annual surveillance audit
  • Re-certification before the end of three years