Organizations seeking to solve a performance problem frequently implement a specific intervention, such as training, without fully understanding the nature of the problem or determining whether or not the chosen intervention is likely to succeed. Just as often, professionals with a high level of expertise in a specific intervention area see every problem as an opportunity to ply their trade.

As Abraham Maslow once said, “To the person who only has a hammer in the toolkit, every problem looks like a nail.” In fact, there are a number of methods for improving the performance of organizations, teams and individuals. Organizational development, industrial engineering, training and development, quality assurance, and human resources development address performance gaps in particular ways. Performance Improvement differs from these approaches by using a systematic methodology to find the root causes of a performance problem and then implement an intervention (or “fix”) that applies to that specific performance deficit.

Leadership and Management Development at MacLead is founded on our highly ranked School of Business, known for developing innovative and entrepreneurial leaders for a global technological world. Combining the most current theory with practical application, our holistic approach focuses on the core elements of good leadership:

  • Individuals: Increasing personal effectivness builds the confidence needed by future leaders.
  • Managers: An integrated management team is more efficient and aligned.
  • Senior Leadership: Confidence at the decision-making level helps to capitalize on opportunities and overcome challenges.