Our Testimonials

“It is Indeed a historic day and thank you for making it happen. You have been our guide and conscious keeper in this journey and, everyone in PMD agrees, that we could not have done it without your sustained support to the cause. We met Chandra Sekhar through you and remain grateful for that introduction. Mr. Chandra Sekhar has been a world class change agent and has few peers in his league.”

– Dr. Prajapati Trivedi – Secretary to Government of India (Cabinet Secretariat)

“The Training Program was excellent & it will help me in taking the carrier knowledge forward in my organization.”

– Sanjay K Nigam, Asst. Director – Global Procurement(UTStarcom India Telecom Pvt. Ltd)

Time management was excellent, as the trainer understood the requirement of the batch and arrange the syllabus accordingly.

– Waghmare Daniel , Admin(DSK Global Education and Research Pvt. Ltd., Pune)

All session were informative to the extent of knowing the standard and audit skills.

– K . Ravindran (Lead Auditor ISO9001:2008)

Trainers are well commitment enough in their respective area of training.

– E. SANKAR (Lead Auditor ISO9001:2008)

Best teacher the course was very effect for me

– Naghmeh Barijadesh (Lead Auditor ISO9001:2008 , chemical engeneering – food industry)

Nothing to add as it has been excellent for a person who has joined it first time

– Greesh Chandra (Lead Auditor ISO9001:2008 , RDSO)

This course definitely adds improvement in working of my organization, course note and training material is full of knowledge & learning

– DINESH KUMAR (Lead Auditor ISO9001:2008)

It has been successful in making is9001:2008 understood.

– Sunil Kumar Gupta (Lead Auditor ISO9001:2008 , RDSO)

The way entire course is conduct and content are presented very nicely. Practical examples and case studies help out to understand the contents.

– Vimal Chauhan (Lead Auditor ISO9001:2008, Event india)

Good experience with the tutor and feel comfort in teaching .but no MSI responsibility for assisting basic needs.

– S Jayanth Kumar (Lead Auditor ISO9001:2008 ,Venus electromech tec Dubai)

Excellent course which meets needs and fulfills the aim of becoming a registered lead auditor in future ,quite satisfactory , doubt clearance was done with perfect time management

– A .Y. DEOTALE (Lead Auditor ISO9001:2008 , ORDNANCE FACTORY , Chanda)

the level of std QSIM maintaining is excellent, as I am from Nagpurand I will definitely recommend QSIN to my friends in Nagpur & golf

– parag somnathe (Lead Auditor ISO9001:2008) , A1 jaber group (abu dhabi)

in future we would liter to associate our self for further shall development with our so talented and dynamic trainer

– m. prakash rao (Lead Auditor ISO9001:2008) , tata steel ltd , jamshedpur

Some of the points discussed and comprised at the end of the discussion it should be win -win situation

– B.H.K. satya dev (Lead Auditor ISO9001:2008 , ARCH pharmlabs)

The training program was excellent & it will really help me in taking this course knowledge forward in my organization certification my professional knowledge.

– Sanjay Kumar Nigam (Lead Auditor ISO9001:2008 , utstarcom india telecom pvt ltd)

The course should have been focused on the easy understanding of iso standard & preparation of the document.

– Ravindra kumar verma (Lead Auditor ISO9001:2008 , indian railways)

If this kind of learning program conducting in cohesiveness atmosphere will give a better performance of training, lead auditor can be allowed to do audit for other similar kinds of organization

– saikh gans nazir (Lead Auditor ISO9001:2008 , RDSO)