CMMI – Development

Capability Maturity Model® Integration (CMMI) provides your organization with the set of best practices that would enable your business to improve the performance of your key business processes. Organizations can choose pre-defined views for Benchmark Appraisals – one such view is CMMI – DEV. 

An organization that practices project management, systems engineering, process management, hardware engineering, software engineering, and other supporting processes can adopt to go for CMMI – DEV Appraisals.

CMMI – Development V2.0 (CMMI – DEV) Benchmark Appraisal

CMMI – DEV provides organizations the guidance on the following practices areas:
    1. Causal Analysis and Resolution (CAR)
    2. Configuration Management (CM)
    3. Decision Analysis and Resolution (DAR)
    4. Estimating (EST)
    5. Governance (GOV)
    6. Implementing Infrastructure (II)
    7. Managing Performance and Measurement (MPM)
    8. Monitor and Control (MC)
    9. Organization Training (OT)
    10. Peer Review (PR)
    11. Planning (PLAN)
    12. Process Asset Development (PAD)
    13. Process Management (PCM)
    14. Process Quality Assurance (PQA)
    15. Product Integration (PI)
    16. Requirements Development and Management (RDM)
    17. Risk and Opportunity Management (RDM)
    18. Supplier Agreement Management (SAM)
    19. Technical Solution (TS)
    20. Verification and Validation (VV)

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