CMMI – Supplier Management

Is your organization relying more on external suppliers to provide products and services that help meet your business objectives? But often are disengage after a supplier is hired, or increase risk across the entire supply chain – expectations are misunderstood, capacity and resource shortages arise, changes in requirements or technology cause delays, and customer needs are not met.

CMMI Supplier Management is an integrated set of best practices that would improve your organization’s capability to identify and manage suppliers and vendors in a way that maximizes supply chain efficiency and reduces risk.​

Why CMMI – Supplier Management?

  • Meet Growth Demands — With the help of CMMI Supplier management model – you would be able to build the necessary capabilities which would help you with growth management with effective capacity and resource allocation
  • Keep Pace with Product Demands —Manage change and complexity across supply chain quickly and effectively

  • Reduce Supply Chain Risk — Gain shared understanding of accountability and take advantage of repeatable best practices for risk mitigation

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